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Does Home Staging work in Sugar Land Texas?

One of the questions we get most often from home owners on our area is ‘Does home staging work in Sugar Land Texas?’ When we point out that it absolutely does, the next questions are almost always on costs rather than benefits.

This post is going to help show the very impressive return on investment (ROI) awarding a typical home staging contract to a professional in the Houston real estate marketplace can bring. The results are so compelling the question to ask should really be ‘Can I afford not to use a home staging pro in my area.’ It’s our belief that continuing to read for another minute or so will convince you of the math and that home staging is a no brainer you really shouldn’t pass up on your selling journey.

Let’s look at a few numbers from the real estate community, and in the interest of providing fair and balanced data, let’s look at the response to our main question ‘Does home staging work’ from a large number of realtors across the country.

We took a look at the analysis from the perspective of a digital marketer, a group who scrape and use data in their chosen field to find easier ways to solve old problems. We used the results from a study 900 realtors from one of the nation’s top digital real estate resources, HomeLight.

The agents chosen for the survey were individuals who consistently beat their peers in key market metrics, like how many homes were sold in a given period, what was the average selling price, how long did the home stay on the market, and importantly, the client was happy with the job that was done.

Value of Home Staging

Kitchen staging, Sugar Land, Texas
  1. 67% of these elite agents said home staging helps get more money for the seller
  2. More than 50% said the value of the home increased between 1% and 10%
  3. 25% believe that home staging is a catalyst for attracting buyers. In some cases, it does not increase value directly but brings more buyers into the picture to help secure a competitive offer
  4. 92% of agents surveyed consider home staging to be beneficial to the seller

That last point is particularly intriguing; more than 9 out of 10 selling experts in the USA believe home staging is always beneficial to the seller.

Realtors and Qualified Home Staging Pros

Remember most real estate agents are not home stagers; they typically contract out to staging pros, so they don’t make any money directly from recommending staging. They recognize the true value of home staging however is the speed they can turn sales at top dollar with less effort allowing them to service more homes in their area. What’s great for the realtor is typically always great for the seller too.

Vacant and Occupied Homes

47% of the agents interviewed said they staged both vacant and occupied homes. Four in ten believe that staging works best in vacant homes since the stager is able to bring life to an open space many potential buyers find difficult to envision as a home without some furniture in key rooms like the kitchen, living room, master suite and bathrooms. Since vacant homes tend to be on the market for longer, the stats would suggest it’s essential every seller of such a home does some due diligence on the value of staging and comes up with a low-cost plan to move their property.

Does Home Staging Work in the Houston Area?

Houston and surrounding suburbs like Sugar Land appear to fit the national model very well. At The Staging Team we see many examples of staging making a real impact on both final selling price and the length of time the home is on the market. Call us now, or use our quote widget to set up a time to discuss your own home sale. We’d be delighted to help you sell for as much as possible in as short a period as possible.